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Upcoming WSA Shriner Events

  • February 18th – El Zaribah Shriners Potentate’s Ball(more details to follow)
  • February 25th – Al Malaikah  and Zelzah Shriners Potentate’s Ball(more details to follow)
  • March 18th – El Bekal Shriners Potentate’s Ball (more details to follow)
  • April 6, 7, and 8 – WSA 2017 Shriner Convention in Las Vegas –  (see the data below)

The Western Shrine Association Officers

President Illustrious Sir Roger Ross, El Bekal
1st Vice President Illustrious Sir Ray St. John, Ballut Abyad
Secretary Illustrious Sir Sid Leutholtz, Ben Ali
Treasurer David Coleman, Tehran

would like to welcome you to WSA 2017
hosted by El Bekal Shriners

Thursday thru Saturday (April 6, 7, and 8, 2017)

Our Headquarters Hotel is Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

WSA Registration is open

Get your Registration packet at 2017 WSA Registration Packet

The WSA HOTEL Rooming Block is open, please

Contact the hotel directly by calling (702) 732-5111  use code “SWS 7EB”

WSA Registered Participants Receive:

Access to WSA activities designed to show Shriners young and old what being a Shriner is all about. They call the Shrine the playground of Masonry, think of WSA convention as your personal “Big Playground” in Las Vegas. If you don’t have fun, it is your own fault.

Areas are set aside for WSA participants to use for their relaxation and a place to make new and renew friendships with Shriners and their Ladies from across WSA. More detail will be provided to you at WSA registration.

Access to a 900 Sq. Ft suite on the upper floor of the hotel. This suite will be the WSA Hospitality Room. Registered WSA attendees have access to free beverages and snacks during the convention. This is just another place to relax and make new and renew friendships. The hours are listed in the schedule of events. Once again, if you don’t visit you will be missing a fun place to mix with fellow Shriners and their Ladies.

Get your Registration packet at 2017 WSA Registration Packet

Business Meeting:

All Temples in good standing with WSA are “automatically” a member, this includes all the Nobility of that temple (there are no dues cards for this).

The voting reps of WSA are: Current Potentate, Chief Rabban, Assistant Rabban, High Priest & Prophet, Oriental Guide, Recorder, Treasurer, the Immediate (Junior) Past Potentate of your Temple, WSA Officers, and any Past WSA Presidents.

All Nobles are welcome to attend the business meeting to understand what is going on with WSA and interface and learn from the Imperial Presentation that have an impact on our fraternity.

The Housing Block – Special Room Rates:

Until December 31, 2016 – Room Rates are set in place at $69.00 per night, plus a $20.00 resort fee, + 12% tax which pencils out to $90.00 per night .

Early Bird Registrations are open  for you and your guest by c
ontacting the hotel directly
by calling (702) 732-5111  use code “SWS 7EB”

January 1st – Room Rates will be $10.00 higher to $79.00 plus the resort fee and 12% tax which pencils in at $100.18 per night

Western Shrine Association’s member Temples:

Aahmes, Al Bahr, Al Kader, Al Malaikah, Aloha, Anezeh, Asiya, Ballut Abyad, Ben Ali, El Bekal, El Kalah, El Zaribah, Kerak, Sabbar, Tehran and Zelzah.

Photos of WSA 2015

April 22 – WSA 2015 Wednesday

April 23 – WSA 2015 Thursday

April 24 – WSA 2015 Friday

April 25 – WSA 2015 Saturday